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Project of Conservation of Wild Bovid Species in Vietnam

In Vietnam, conversion of forests to agricultural land and poaching have acted to considerably reduce populations of wild cattle, which now only exist as small, isolated populations in fragmented habitat. If poaching continues at its current levels wild cattle populations in Vietnam are doomed to extinction. The total number of Gaur in Vietnam is estimated at a maximum of 500 individuals and the total number of Banteng at a maximum of 150 individuals. Very few wild water buffalo are still leaving in the border with Cambodia, but the kouprey is now extinct.

At this stage it is necessary to conduct research into the genetics and ecology of the wild cattle populations in Vietnam to analyse the dynamics of these populations. It is also important to identify the interaction between the herds and the impact of factors of decline. This information can then be used to optimise the selection of conservation actions to be implemented. The goal for the project is to contribute substantially to the conservation for wild large bovid species in Vietnam, through a dual approach of local and national components:

(1) Defining the principles of sustainable in-situ management of wild large bovid species be providing support to the Cat Tien NP (Cat Tien component),
(2) Establishing the genetic and demographic basis for management of wild large bovid species populations throughout Vietnam (national component).

This project is financed by the French Global Environment Fund (FFEM) through the French Development Agency (AFD) in Hanoi. Read more... Link to the full presentation sheet of the project