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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park

Wiles G. J. 1980.
Faeces Deterioration rates of four wild ungulates in Thailand
Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam soc 28: 121-134.

Faeces deterioration rates were higher in the rainy season than in the dry season by 4 to 6 times for Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus), 1.25 to 2 times for sambar deer (Cervus unicolor) and 1 to 2 banteng (Bos javanicus) and Gaur (Bos gaurus). Recommended maximum intervals between plot checks in dropping count censures of elephant are 100 days to 40 days for the dry and rainy seasons, respectively, and 60 days in the dry season and 30 days in the rainy season for sambar, The method is questionable for use with banteng and gaur. Factors affecting rates are discussed.