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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park

Van Hooft W. F., Hanotte O., Wenink P. W., Groen A. F., Sugimoto Y., Prins H. H. T. and Teale A. 1999
Applicability of bovine microsatellite markers for population genetic studies on African buffalo (Syncerus caffer)
Animal Genetics 30: 214-220

The applicability of bovine autosomal microsatellite markers for population genetic studies of African buffalo was investigated. A total of 168 microsatellite markers were tested for PCR amplification on a test panel of seven African buffalo. Amplification was observed for 139 markers (83%), and 101 markers were studied further with 91 (90%) being polymorphic. The mean number of alleles per marker was 5.0 (SE = 0.2) and the mean hertozygosity per marker was 0.61 (SE = 0.03). Considering the overall high level of polymorphism, it was concluded that most bovine microsatellite markers are applicable in African buffalo.

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