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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park
Schaller G. B. and Rabinowitz A. 1995
The saola or spindlehorn bovid Pseudoryx nghetinhensis in Laos
Oryx 29: 107-114

In 1992 the discovery of a new bovid, Pseudoryx nghetinhensis, in Vietnam led to speculation that the species also occurred in adjacent parts of Laos . This paper describes a survey in January 1994, which confirmed the presence of P. nghetinhesis in Laos , although in low densities and with a patchy distribution. The paper also presents new information that helps clarify the phylogenetic position of the species. The low numbers and restricted range of P. nghetinhensis mean that it must regarded as Endangered. While some admirable moves have been made to protect the new bovid and its habitat, more needs to be done and the authors recommend further conservation action.

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