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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park

Heinen J.T., Singh G.R. 2001.
A census and some management implications for wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Nepal
Biological Conservation 101: 391-394.

We censused wild buffalo in Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal , in March, 2000, using full-count methods previously discussed in the literature. We estimated a population of 145 wild buffalo, in addition to a highly backcrossed, semi-feral population of 131. Age and sex information were also recorded. The population has grown consistently since earlier censuses, but calf/cow ratios have declined and there were new threats identified; human-induced mortality has increased since previous work in Kosi Tappu. From the population estimates, growth rates, calf/cow ratios, known sources of mortality, continued threats from flooding and other threats such as domestic and feral livestock on the reserve that may transmit disease, the wild buffalo population in Kosi Tappu cannot be considered viable and the need for a translocation is imminent.

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