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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park

Conry P.J. 1989.
Gaur Bos gaurus and development in Malaysia
Biological Conservation 49: 47-65.

Home range and habitat use of Malayan gaur Bos gaurus were studied from 1977 to 1979 in the Lepar Valley, Pahang, Malaysia during a period of extensive logging and agricultural development in the area. Home range size determined by radio telemetry was 29.9 km2 for a yearling male, 52.1 km2 for a yearling female, and 137.3 km2 for an adult male. The greatest distance across a home range measured 20.8 km. Physiographical features such as rivers, mineral licks, agricultural fringe, and forest clearings appeared to greatly influence home range size and shape. Disturbed habitats such as secondary forest and agricultural estates received the greatest use. Areas within 500 m of agricultural fringe, within 500 m of major rivers, and below 61 m elevation were heavily used by gaur, often to a proportionately greater extent than their availability in home ranges. Disturbance factors had varying effects on gaur. Areas adjacent to roads were avoided by the adult male and yearling female but selected for by the yearling male. Human habitation did not appear to greatly affect use patterns; areas adjacent to settlements were not avoided but were used less than those at intermediate distances. Limited logging and agricultural development appeared to benefit gaur by creating early seral habitats. Detrimental impacts associated with development included fragmentation and isolation of the Lepar population into subpopulations, destruction of important habitat, and poaching. Measures recommended to lessen impacts of development include creating wildlife reserves, maintaining early seral habitats within wildlife and forest reserves, preserving natural mineral licks, leaving forested corridors across cropland, and protecting populations from illegal hunting.

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