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Gaur's track in Cat Tien National Park

Choudhury A. 2002.
Distribution and conservation of the Gaur Bos gaurus in the Indian Subcontinent
Mammal Review 32: 199-226.

The Gaur Bos gaurus ranges from India to peninsular Malaysia. Its distribution, status and conservation in the Indian subcontinent are reviewed here on the basis of available information, both published papers and unpublished census reports of forest departments, and field survey data from north-eastern India and parts of Bhutan and Nepal. The Gaur is found in three disjunct regions, south-western India, central India and north-eastern India (including Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh). Within these regions the distribution is highly fragmented and includes a number of small non-viable isolated populations. The habitat in north-eastern India is still contiguous with that in Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh and to some extent with Nepal. Although the estimated population of the Gaur is 23 000–34 000, it is declining alarmingly. Populations outside the protected areas may not last long. An action plan has been proposed for its conservation.

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